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March 9th - Visit the Career Center at Riverton High to Sign Up!
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February 28th
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February 2nd

CTE Internship

This course is offered by the Jordan Academy for Technology and Careers(JATC) and is for students ready to move out of the classroom and experience on-the-job-training. Internships allow students to explore career interests as part of their high school education and add practical experience to their resume or college application. Internship opportunities are available in agriculture, education, criminal justice, healthcare and many more!

Program Description:

Students will spend a total of 40 hours (approximately 3 hours per week) at a job site working with a mentor and gaining knowledge and experience in a chosen career field. CTE Internship is a semester class taught either 4th or 8th period from 1:20-2:25 at JATC North. Students spend the first two weeks of the semester, the last two weeks of the semester, and one day each month in the classroom. During class, students will learn soft skills and create a LinkedIn profile. Students must be at least 16 and a junior

Program Objectives:

Students gain useful work experience and begin networking within their chosen fields. This course helps students identify career options and interests. It gives real insight into a profession and helps students in making decisions about future goals.


In order to apply for a CTE Internship, you must first fill out an application for the JATC North Campus. This can be done HERE. When it asks which course you’re interested in, select “Internship.” Once this application is submitted, you will be sent a second google form. This second form will allow you to specify which internship you would like to apply for.